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Chapter 26. The Dancing Blonde Church

April 2, 2010

The Dancing Blond Church

The 10th Anniversary was a grand event. The storefront church now had a church building and enjoyed it beauty.

The special speaker was back in the pastor’s study. Service was in progress. It was almost time for the preaching, but since the special speaker wasn’t on the platform, the pastor was stalling and trying to fill up some space.

Turning to a young minister he advised him to choose 3 to testify that would have a “good testimony.”

All three testimonies were edifying. But there was still no speaker. The pastor held up one finger, signaling for one more testimony.

A 19-year-old stood up and marched to the pulpit where he could have access to the microphone. “I got a wonderful praise report,” he exclaimed.

“For two years, my brother and I prayed for God to save our mom, and he did two months ago!” He said.

His middle-aged, blonde mother came dancing down the aisle and across the front while the saints clapped and praised the Lord.

“We prayed for God to get our mom out of prison, and he did!” He added.

Mama kept on dancing and the saints were standing and clapping.

“We prayed and God delivered our mom from alcohol. Every day she would go to the liquor store and buy a bottle of Jack Daniels, but she don’t do that no more!” He continued.

The crowd screamed “No” and gave it’s thanks to God, while they clapped their hands. A few ran the aisles.

Mom kept shouting!

“My mom’s been delivered. Now when she goes to the liquor store, she don’t buy liquor no more!”

“No!” the audience roared, enjoying the victory report! And clapped some more.

“All she buys now is cigarettes!” He said.

Mama lost her shout.

The pastor took the pulpit and in an attempt to recover the moment.  He asked for everyone to stand and worship the Lord.

This Too Is Home Missions!

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  1. Brittany (Holt) Morgan permalink
    April 2, 2010 7:40 am

    I’m sitting in a very large, very crowded computer room of Southern IL University and just laughed loud enough to attract stares from about 90% of the room. Somehow, I don’t think they’re going to get the joke 🙂 My family and I love your blogs and your ministry. Please, please, PLEASE pass this along to my parents when you get to Augusta later on this month. Dad will love it! lol. Praying that there will be an awesome Holy Ghost outpouring….

  2. sue pinell permalink
    April 2, 2010 7:41 am

    This could be our story. I thought things like that happend only to us.

  3. April 2, 2010 10:21 am

    Awesome story, awesome God who has such a sense of humor!

  4. Sis Judy permalink
    April 3, 2010 11:15 am

    U R the Best!!! Yes, GOD does have a very good sense of humor & he created people like U to keep us laughing b/c laughter is good medicine. Sat here today reading your message about “The No Hope Church” and cried all the way thru how GOD still has someone out there who isn’t down on Everything. Plus knows the heart of GOD from reading GOD’s attributes in HIS WORD. Thank you JESUS for being our Advocate, when we all deserve Hellfire & Brimstone. Thank you Bro Marty for being there for many, many people in need of encouragement. Have you guessed my handle yet?? Had to go incognito b/c of bad experience with hackers/hijackers, can you believe that in this day & time?? lol Hope U know who I am and tell Your ‘Sweet’ Mother Hello for me, glad to get pics from Nila each year b/c they are sitting up in front of me at my computer to be able to Pray for them every time I look up…..GOD Bless U all,
    Sis Judy

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