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Chapter 23. The Basement Church

March 25, 2010

The Basement Church

The shy looking man rang the doorbell on the white bungalow. He stood on the front porch with his 32-ounce thermos-type mug in his hand. When the door opened, he was warmly greeted and welcomed inside with the smiling faces of both the husband and wife. He introduced himself as Alfred and said he’d come for the church service.

Once in the living room he looked quickly around, noticing the 2 year old playing on the floor. Candles were burning in decorative jars and they gave off a pleasant aroma. The fading smell of a supper lingered lightly in the air.

The two men went to through the kitchen and turned down the hall toward the basement steps. The guest looked at the wash machine and dryer that were partially concealed behind a hanging sheet that served as a temporary room divider.

The original house owner had built benches into three of the basement walls in the early 1900’s. It appeared to have once been a meeting room of some kind. Now, the room held a keyboard and small amplifier.  Nine folding chairs positioned in rows of three, sat in front of a small wooden lectern.  The two other people already in the room, welcomed Alfred as he made his way to a front row seat.

The twenty-something wife was still in the living room upstairs gathering up her young son and some of his quiet toys to entertain him through the service. It was time for church.

She had never played a keyboard in church before, but tonight she had to lead the service in singing and play too. For hours she had worked on the 3 songs for tonight and an altar call song as well. She was nervous.

The new pastor led the service. He was upbeat and made those present, feel welcome. He preached like he was preaching to 100 instead of four adults and a toddler.

The fall weather was great for walking in the park. The pastor’s wife pushed her toddler around the park’s paved track. She noticed a Muslim lady pushing her child too. They struck up a conversation.  The lady confided that she had a brain tumor and was afraid, because it was fatal.

“I wish you would let me pray for you, because Jesus will heal you!” She spoke in faith.

“Would you pray for me?” The stranger asked.

“I sure will!” She said, and did.

Telephone numbers were exchanged and promises were made. Within the week, the phone rang in the pastor’s home. The Muslim lady had gone to the doctor and the tests verified the tumor was gone. Now, she wanted to know more about this Jesus the healer.

She came to the basement church and then within a couple of weeks attended a Youth Rally where she was baptized and received the Holy Ghost.

A few months later, Ross found his way to the basement church. Ross was homeless. He’s seen the little “A” sign in the yard announcing that a church service was being held inside. Despite his attire and being toothless, he came. He started to come regular. Well, actually he came until the number grew to 15, then he quit. He said the church was getting too big for him.

This Is Home Missions!

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  1. sue pinell permalink
    March 26, 2010 4:35 am

    I love to read the things you write… You really should write a book… Great stuff.

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