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Chapter 22. The Teapot Church

March 3, 2010

The Teapot Church

They huddled around the wood burning stove. An old teapot with leftover water from the previous service, sat ominously on top. The teapot put needed moisture back into the dry air. It helped with the static electricity problem during the winter.

Bro. Thompson had promised to bring more wood for the service tonight but he was running late due to problems with his old truck.

It just seemed harder to pray before service when it was this cold. Everyone could see your breath when you prayed. Maybe it was a good thing no visitors were here yet. They might not stay.

The current cold streak had used up the normal offerings of wood the saints had been bringing in.  It was a good thing the pastor was not here yet with the evangelist. He would have been so embarrassed.

Later, when the fire began to roar, so did the prayer meeting. It’s amazing how much noise 20 people can make in a small building if they try. Everything warmed up. Some of the brothers even backed up to the stove for a while and prayed.

When the service officially started, the pastor invited the choir to come and sing. The choir actually meant all the saints. They stood on the platform and sang. There were no alto, soprano or tenor sections. Most every one sang the lead. No one was left in the audience either.  But they sang. They sang ‘Old Time Pentecostal’ style.

Later, everyone had the opportunity to testify. The statement, “Are all hearts free?” signaled the end of that part of the service.

The newest convert, a 12 yr old boy was asked to sing. He’d only had the Holy Ghost about 2 months and none of his family was in church but him. He started his song out of the songbook without the help of the upright piano. The unskilled pianist struggled briefly to find the key.

He had started in a key too high for him to hit all the notes, so he went silent on a half a dozen words or so on the chorus. His hands were in the air and tears ran down his cheek. The saints shouted.

They prayed for each other and then focused on a special need for Sis. Sally. Deep prayer prevailed. The clock was forgotten. No preaching tonight. The Healer was in the house.

The evangelist preached about 20 minutes and gave an altar call without asking for a song. He really needed one, but he wanted the piano player to pray back through, She was the pastor’s 16 yr old backslidden daughter and their only music. She wouldn’t pray if she was playing. She really did pray. She prayed through and the small group cried and rejoiced.

The pastor, in closing remarks, asked, “Who can bring some wood for Sunday?  We want it comfortable for our guests. Let’s believe the Lord for revival! How many of you will invite guests for Sunday?”

This Too Is Home Missions!

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