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Chapter 19. The Sinning Church

February 11, 2010

The third night of the revival was greeted with a sweet presence of the Lord. Worship was heart felt and Heaven responded. Many were speaking in tongues and some seemed lost in the Holy Ghost.  The 19 year old evangelist had been fasting since the beginning of the revival. All were praying for a “break through.”

This was only the third revival for the young preacher. No one knew him. He knew he wasn’t a very good preacher. But he had a burden. Every service he had preached on repentance themed message. The anointing had confirmed the Word. The congregation tearfully responded. They lingered long around the altar, even past midnight. The pastor didn’t get home until 2 am one night. Several had lined up by his office door to repent and ask forgiveness.

When the roar of prayer finally settled down, the people stood quietly waiting for the pastor to speak. He looked solemnly at the crowd. I man in 50’s lifted his hand waiting for permission to speak. It was granted.

“For the last three nights, we’ve heard messages on repentance. I have searched my heart every service and tonight I feel it necessary to make a confession.

“I apologize God.

“I apologize to my pastor,

“I apologize to the evangelist,

“And I apologize to this church.

“For the last several months, I’ve been going down to the Senior Citizens Center and eating free lunches. I don’t qualify because I am too young. I… ah… want everyone to forgive me!” With that, he bowed his head in his hanky and wept.

The pastor said, “Thank you brother. We forgive him don’t we church?” They readily responded.

The dear brother snubbed a few times, daubed his nose and said, “Thank you, I’m only going to do it two more times!”

This Too Is Home Missions!

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  1. Christy Adams permalink
    February 11, 2010 4:57 pm

    Please tell me that did not really happen?!?

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