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Chapter 18. The Mud Slinging Church

February 7, 2010

The Mud Slinging Church

Today the First Pentecostal Church in Bakersfield, CA is a beautiful huge building packed with wonderful saints. Bro. Ike Terry started the church there in about 1942. His ability to teach and produce preachers has no rival. It seems like he sent out 80 preachers or so.



The church had just built their first new building. The congregation was thrilled. Despite their labor of love, hard work and sacrifice, all was not perfect in Bakersfield. Bro. Terry was disappointed and distressed that some had chosen to criticize and say things that disrupted the unity of the congregation.

Pastors find out pretty quick that every time there is a building program, the devil seems to look for an opportunity to be disruptive and stick his head up. Gossip had affected the spirit of the church. Something had to be done.

Preaching in generalities just doesn’t get through to some folks. It doesn’t take long in life to learn that one has to communicate to his hearers on their level of understanding. We hint to those that hint and they take the hint. On the other hand, blunt talking people only understand blunt talk. Such was Pastor Terry’s dilemma. He was a master communicator.

Bro. Ike and Sis. Maggie Terry

One Sunday morning when it was time for preaching, Bro. Terry rose and went to the pulpit. He read his text. It was about gossip, talebearers and busybodies.  He then announced his title. “Don’t Sling Mud.” No one seems to remember how a 5 gallon bucket of mud got on the platform.  He began to preach about the evils of talking bad about one another. He said that slander and evil talking is sometimes refered to as slinging mud. He dipped his hand into the bucket, pulled out a large gob of mud and slung it at the newly plastered walls. He slung it on the walls, on the ceiling too. Some mud landed on the people. It got on some of their clothes and in a few of the ladies hair.

The congregation sat stunned. Every time he made another point, he slung more mud, while saying “Don’t Sling Mud.” He’d stop and look at that and say, “Now don’t that look bad? Isn’t that terrible? Whose going to clean this mess up? Why would someone do a thing like that? He told them how when they talked about others, it always leaves a stain.

He was right. Years later, despite attempts to remove them, the stains continued to preach a silent message on the importance on not slinging mud. It was unforgettable. When the building was later sold, old saints remember the stains were still there. The stains continued to ask the questions…

  1. Do you sling mud?
  2. Who’s going to clean up your mess?
  3. Are you leaving a stain on the walls of the Kingdom of God?

This Too Is Home Missions.

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  1. Miranda Maddox permalink
    October 13, 2016 6:44 pm

    This is Powerful.
    And deserving of a comment! Imagine being preached to a message like that.

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