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Chapter 11. The House Church

January 24, 2010

The House Church

All 12 set a big circle. Three sat on the couch, one in the recliner, and another sat in the blue Queen Anne chair. A couple of people brought the dinning room chairs in for six others to sit on. The minister sat on a folding chair in the circle. He turned the extra folding chair so that it faced him and he could lay his Bible and notes in front of him. A pulpit of sorts.

The new lady in the middle on the couch had heard about the church that was meeting in a house. This was her first service. Bro. Dave strummed  his Ovation acoustic guitar and provided the instrumental accompaniment for the service.

The service started with prayer. Every one had a prayer request. Then they prayed and asked the Lord to help them and bring revival to their new beginnings. When prayer was finished, tears were visible on several faces. The whole service was conducted sitting down. There was not enough room for another chair.

The saints sang from their hearts. They lifted their hands. One sister spoke in tongues while the others sang. The worshipped fervently. No one seemed timid. They all knew, they future of the church was up to them. they did their best.

The minister turned his Bible to the marked place and began to preach. Well, actually it was more like teaching, because it is kind of hard to get red faced and fired up sitting down.

When the sermon was over the people wept and prayed. Many felt like they got a special touch form the Lord. The spirit of unity was evident. They were gathered there for a purpose. God had met them. The new lady said she would be back.  She offered to bring her daughter next time. the saints were all happy to hear that and looked at each other with open smiles.

The cookies and refreshments in the kitchen provided a nice addition to their fellowship. They waved to each other and spoke kindly as they parted.

This is Home Missions!

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