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Chapter 9. The Worldly Church

January 22, 2010

The Worldly Church

About 50 people were singing in the audience. This was the first night of the revival. The organ and piano along with some drums complimented the music. A team of 3 teenage girls sang energetically, while they clapped their hands. Their short miniskirts never seemed to bother anyone.

“You will notice”, the Home Missions pastor informed the young evangelist as he leaned over, “that the young ladies in the praise team are wearing short skirts. If you just wouldn’t say anything about miniskirts while you are here, I sure would appreciate it. Their skirts may be short but they have such sweet spirits that I don’t want to offend them. Teaching takes time, you know.”

“Not a problem,” said the evangelist,

“Oh great!” came the reply.

“Well, that was easy. Another thing then, if you just wouldn’t say anything, while you are here, about tithes, I would take it as a personal favor. There is a couple here that has just inherited a million dollars, and they haven’t paid tithes yet. If you preach on that, they are going to think, I have talked to you and get offended and leave and never pay tithes.”

“Not a problem,” was again the response.

“You don’t know how relieved that makes me feel,” the pastor said. “This is going much smoother than I expected. One final thing, then if you don’t mind,” he said. “A precious Assembly of God couple has been coming to our church for the last year or so. I am waiting for God to give them a revelation of who He is. So if you just wouldn’t preach on the Godhead while you are here, I would appreciate it.”

“Not a problem,” the young man assured the middle-aged pastor. “All I’m going to preach while I’m here is Jesus.”

“That’s a relief,” the pastor responded.

“Yes sir,” again echoed the young evangelist, “All I’m going to preach while I’m here is Jesus, because evidently no one here knows him.”

The revival lasted only one night.

This Too Is Home Missions!

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  1. Steve Epley permalink
    January 22, 2010 12:22 pm

    As a young preacher I personally experienced an episode so close this seemed so familiar.
    I really am enjoying these. Thanks. Tears and laughs.

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